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Calories burned calculator from running away to play football or other sports dance fitness you can measure the results online for free.

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BMR Calculator

The calculator can count the calories frequency measurement By not by distance but by the time you've done exercises. No need to download software or mobile applications and devices that works from the Internet browser, it's not just a specific model fitness if not for any sport.

The calculator to put the time display notifications exercises and calories burned. calorie counting statistics with built-in calculator calories. Useful for the rate of weight loss.

Aerobics ,Cycling, Circuit Training: general ,Stair Step Machine, Weight Lifting: general ,Weight Lifting ,Basketball,Bicycling: BMX or mountain ,Bicycling: 12-13.9 mph ,Boxing, Football Frisbee ,Golf, Gymnastics ,Handball,Hiking,Horseback Riding,Ice Skating,Martial Arts,Racquetball,Rock Climbing, Swimming,Tennis,Volleyball,Beach ,Chopping & Splitting Wood .

Note: The data shows the web page are only measuring not guarantee any results or training or nutrition counseling to lose weight. the clock displays information about the training time the end you can see the results of the statistics. Choose another languages